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What are
we doing?

We're making an 8 song record, 2 songs at a time.

We're obsessed with analog sound, real instruments, and arrangements full of spaces that fill up with fire then empty out into quiet molten rivers.

We're making music for headphone kids and hi-fidelity grownups.

These are deepdive cuts for people who play the long game. 1000 listens later, you're still hearing new things, hidden gems, forgotten artifacts.

When all 8 songs are done, we'll press them to vinyl and sell double gatefold records to lovers of the analog form.

Photo of Gregory, Vocals Drums & Synths, Sneaky Little DevilPhoto of Sarah, Vocals & Piano, Sneaky Little Devil

Maxwell Pierce | Nash PB-63

Chris Buzea | Electromatic 5420T

Photo of Maxwell, Bass, Sneaky Little DevilPhoto of Chris, Guitar, Sneaky Little Devil


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